Our Process

Medically Supervised Detox@Home is a team of professionals discretely assisting clients with substance misuse and addiction.

We provide a multi-disciplinary team approach in the home to assist you through the detoxification process.

Patient Profile: 

We realize this process is not suited for everyone. Our patients are:

  • Self-motivated to break their addiction to Alcohol or Opiates
  • Clinically appropriate to be treated at home
  • Backed by a strong support network
  • Desire to remain at home throughout the detoxification process where they can be comfortable and maintain privacy.

Our Process: We come to you!

Upon contacting Medically Supervised Detox@Home , our process begins with an exploratory conversation to ensure our care delivery matches your needs. If so, members of our clinical team including a lead physician will then visit with you, performing both a physical and mental evaluation utilizing validated tools to determine whether home detoxification is an appropriate medical treatment.
In collaboration with you, our clinicians will devise an individualized and safe detox program.
Once the detox process starts, support will be provided in the comfort of your own home while ensuring all your health needs are monitored and addressed recognizing that your safety is paramount. You will receive an individualized program of visits as agreed upon at the beginning of the process.
Throughout the process, we will assist you in creating a tailored plan for rehabilitation after detoxification with members of our highly trained staff. We will guide and assist you towards your chosen path with information and contacts who can help you continue healing in your pursuit of sobriety.
NOTE: This process is elected and self-directed by the patient. The patient has directed our team to pursue home detoxification.